Legend of the White Lady


On the Baptistery's circular window built into the southern wall of Haapsalu Dome Church a female figure appears during the full moon nights in August. How and why does this woman reveal herself on the chapel's window for centuries?

A legend says the following: In the Middle Ages, every Canon was supposed to lead a chaste and virtuous life according to the rules of the monastery. Access of women to the Episcopal Castle was forbidden by threat of death. However it happened so that one Canon and an Estonian girl fell madly in love with each other. As the young people could not stay apart, the Canon dressed the girl up as a boy and brought her to the castle to sing in the choir. For long it remained the secret, but one day the deception was discovered. The verdict of the Bishop was harsh: the Canon was thrown to the castle's dungeon to starve to death, while the girl was immured alive in the wall of the Baptistery, then under the construction. The cries of the poor woman were heard for several days until she finally stopped. Still her soul could not find the peace and, as a result, she appears on the Baptistery's window to grieve for her lover and to show the immortality of love.

Toimetaja: TÕNU PARBUS